SXV T9302 Recirculating Bypass Valve

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The SXV range is designed to ensure the ultimate reliability, performance, and boost holding.

Featuring a 25mm inlet and outlet, the SXV is the perfect valve to replace a plastic OEM bypass/diverter valve, or integrate into a turbo system that didn’t previously have a valve.

Why Install a GFB SXV?


  • Precision CNC machined components for rugged reliability
  • Viton piston seal for the ultimate boost holding
  • Australian made, backed by a lifetime warranty


Plastic hose-mounted OEM bypass valves are very common, as are the reliability issues they suffer – cracked plastic and diaphragm failures result in significant boost loss and poor performance. A significantly leaking OEM valve can also accelerate wear or even damage the turbo from overspeeding.

The SXV uses an uncompromising approach to design and materials to ensure all your hard-earned boost gets to the engine, so the turbo doesn’t work harder than it needs to.


Throttle response and performance:

The operation of the SXV is designed to offer the best possible throttle. The key difference is this:

An OEM bypass/diverter valve is open until it needs to close – increases turbo lag

An SXV is closed until it needs to open – minimises turbo lag

By venting only when necessary, the SXV eliminates the additional lag imposed by the OEM valve, resulting the best throttle response your turbo system is capable of delivering.


Switch out your OEM valve for an SXV for the ultimate reliability and throttle response, with the peace of mind of our lifetime warranty!

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 16.000 × 9.000 × 8.000 cm

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