T9513 1 Deceptor Pro II & 1 Mach 2 Stinger Twin Valve Kit , Motorized Blow Off Valve Or BOV. In Cabin Patented Adjustable Venting Bias System Diverter Valve.

Part No: T9513

US$ 675.00



Give Your Kia Stinger The Sound You Want, And The Performance To Go With It!


This is a combination kit for the Stinger that mixes the valve types!

Since both valves are fed from a common chamber, and there is no MAF sensor, it is no problem to mix and match valve types and venting bias. Part # T9513 includes one DECEPTOR PRO II AND ONE MACH 2, which still allows you to adjust the venting sound, but at a more affordable price than the twin Deceptor Pro kit.

You can adjust the volume of your sound system from the driver’s seat, as well as your Stinger’s exhaust sound (if you ticked that option box!), so why not the BOV sound too?

The Deceptor Pro II features the same “patented Venting Bias Adjustment System” as the Respons TMS, but adds electronic in-cabin adjustment so you can change how loud the BOV venting sound is, from the driver’s seat!

With over 20 years in the business of designing and manufacturing bypass and blow-off valves, GFB have learned a thing or two about managing boosted air, as well as the difference between a good blow-off valve, and a great one! Quality and performance are built into all GFB valves, so regardless of which of our kits you purchase, your investment will last a lifetime (which is why these products are backed by a lifetime warranty) and offer the best possible throttle response and boost holding that any bypass or blow-off valve could deliver.

Our range of bolt on kits for the Stinger offer many different options when it comes to venting sound, from silent to extremely loud, and anywhere in between. Because the Stinger does not use a MAF sensor, you can vent your BOVs to atmosphere without drivability issues such as backfiring or stalling.

Unbeatable quality, direct bolt-on fit, exclusive venting bias adjustment to control the sound, lifetime warranty, AND a performance benefit  that’s what we mean by Performance Without Compromise.


GFB’s range of direct bolt-on blow off valves give YOUR Kia Stinger the sound you want, and the performance to go with it! Stinger kits available, part numbers T9112, T9212, T9012, T9013



Try our whistling trumpets! Gives a high-pitch whistle sound instead of the normal “whoosh”. Simply unscrew the existing trumpets and screw these on for a head-turning sound! Part # 5702 (sold as a single trumpet) purchase two for the Stinger.


Now you can control the sound of the BOV from inside the cabin!

So how much more can you do with a blow-off valve? Well, the Deceptor Pro II takes the ‘Respons’ concept even further...

  • Adjust your BOV venting bias electronically on-the-fly
  • Revised porting to optimise flow and venting bias
  • Compact design fits in most factory valve locations
  • Direct bolt on for many vehicles
  • New bore finishing process ensures a lifetime of reliable operation

Deceptor Pro II features

Direct bolt-on for most vehicles available:

  • Remote proportional venting bias/volume control- from silent to loud or anywhere in between
  • Sleek, compact in-car BOV volume controller with backlit dial
  • End point adjustment to control maximum vent to atmosphere bias setting
  • Volume adjustment mechanism driven by a high-torque geared electric motor
  • Durable, low-friction ger train supported by precision sealed ball-bearing
  • Supplied with all parts and wiring required to have it up and running quickly and easily

Additional information

Weight 0.85 kg
Dimensions 8 × 17.5 cm

T9513 1 Deceptor Pro II & 1 Mach 2 Stinger Twin Valve Kit , Motorized Blow Off Valve Or BOV. In Cabin Patented Adjustable Venting Bias System Diverter Valve. also suits:

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