With the vast range of GFB blow-off valves, we often get asked ‘Which blow-off valve is the best?’ and ‘Which blow-off valve should I use?’

The first question is easy to answer: There isn’t actually a ‘best’ in terms of quality. All GFB blow-off valves use the same high-quality internal components. So, provided the right BOV is fitted for your particular vehicle, they all offer the same performance benefits of improved throttle response and reduced lag. The real question is: How do you select the valve for you?

The first step to decide on ‘your’ BOV, is whether or not you want to hear it, and if so, how much? The following chart lists the “noise ratings” of our blow-off valve range. The final decision will then be based on how much control you want over the blow-off volume level.

Once you’ve chosen your valve, check the select by car pages to find out how to fit it to your car.